Tech Apprenticeship Programs for Bootcamp Grads & Non-Traditional Candidates

I’ve assembled this list of apprenticeships and internships that are open to folks from non-traditional tech backgrounds, including bootcamp graduates and self-taught developers. Whether you’re fresh out of school, changing careers, or trying to turn your personal passion into a professional reality, these programs are designed to provide hands-on experience, mentorship, and growth opportunities for candidates who took alternative routes to tech.

All of these programs have different candidacy requirements, so be sure to check out a few! Non-traditional apprenticeships also tend to attract a lot of applicants and have fairly intense interviews, so be prepared that landing one of these positions can be a pretty tough process–but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Some of these programs have multiple enrollment periods per year, so check on them every so often and follow the companies on social media to know when to apply. is not affiliated with any of these programs. Any information provided here is unsolicited and this list is only an aggregation of programs with offerings for non-traditional candidates. If you find a broken link or other problem with this list, or if you would like to add a program to this list, please contact me and let me know!

Adobe Digital Academy

Amazon Technical Apprenticeships

AirBnB Connect

Asana UP

Capital One Developer Academy (CODA)

Charles Schwab NERD (New Employee Recruitment & Development)

Dropbox Emerging Talent

Flatiron Health Apprenticeship Program

Google Apprenticeships

IBM Apprenticeship Program

J.P. Morgan Chase ESTE (Emerging Talent Software Engineers)

LinkedIn Reach

Lockheed Martin Engineering (Software) Apprenticeship

Lyft Early Talent Programs

Meta Discover Production Engineering Program

Microsoft Leap

New York Times Company Internship Program

Pinterest Engineering Apprenticeship

SiriusXM Demo Tape Apprentice Program

Shopify Dev Degree

Spotify Tech Fellowship

Target Emerging Engineer Program

Twilio Hatch

United Wholesale Mortgage (UWM) X Program