About Code Mom

A headshot photo of Tori Brenneison: a 30-something caucasian woman with straight brown hair, wearing a blue-and-white striped shirt.
Tori Brenneison, AKA Code Mom

Tori Brenneison–AKA “Code Mom”–is a software developer and computer programming instructor from Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

In the nineties, Tori taught herself HTML and CSS by reverse-engineering the ‘code’ tab of Microsoft FrontPage, and went on to spend many hours of her childhood carefully aligning tables, frames, and divs into fun and functional websites. After a brief stint in art school and years and a decade-long on-again, off-again relationship with college, she earned a BA and MA in art history–and then enrolled in a programming bootcamp, with the intent of returning to the world of front-end web development. Instead, Tori fell in love with old codebases and funky middleware. Her idea of a good time is a desktop .NET Framework app with a dependency on an obscure message bus that reached end-of-life in 2006. You can find her complete resume at brenneison.com.

As a coach and instructor, Tori is known for her ability to empathize with and encourage students, as well as for a dogged insistence that she’ll fight anyone who messes with her “code babies”. Her observations and interactions with entry-level developers from all backgrounds and walks of life has afforded her unique insight into the hopes, dreams, motivations, struggles, and successes of junior techies.